There are some major differences between polyaspartic flooring and epoxy flooring. Polyaspartics are more fluid and have a quicker cure time. They can also be applied in a less time-consuming fashion. In addition, polyaspartics can be installed in as little as six to eight hours.

Epoxy has a much longer cure time. It can take up to 48 to 72 hours to cure, and this time is often extended by inclement weather. However, a polyaspartic coating cures in a matter of 24 hours, allowing for a quicker installation. Once finished, polyaspartic flooring is ready to use. Because polyaspartics cure faster than epoxy, you can finish the project in a single day.

Another difference between polyaspartics and epoxy is that polyaspartics are less susceptible to temperature changes. While epoxy can only be applied at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, polyaspartics are much more flexible, and can be applied in any climate. Polyaspartic is preferred for our north Texas weather.

If you want to improve their traction, we add a grit additive to the mixture. Most polyaspartic products will accept either quartz aggregate or polymer grit.

Besides being more flexible, polyaspartic concrete coating is easy to apply and clean. It also has a long life, meaning you won’t have to worry about the material drying up in the middle of your project. Additionally, the coating adheres easily to the concrete.

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